Colourful Farmland

On the way back to the airport Christian spotted this scene and we all got out to see what we could get from it.

This is my version shot with the 28-300 at 150mm a 9 shot stitch.

I really like the autumn colours coming out of this image against the stark green background.


~ by True North Mark on May 11, 2010.

10 Responses to “Colourful Farmland”

  1. Nice one, loks like a beautiful area around there. Good to see it’s green at last!

  2. “The hills are alive with the sound of music…..”

  3. I like the subtle colours – it’s got a good feel to it. Shame about the font! 😉

    • I am about to fix the font bit mate!

      I have a logo getting developed by our North Star branding dude so that I don’t have to name the shots any more!

      I am over trying to figure out an appropriate font!!

  4. Great shot, really nice. With font’s I think simple is better I like Arial (after the Ariel Atom (sports car)) and Trebuchet (after the siege engine (catapult)). I’d like to see what your ‘Font Boffins’ come up with. I should work on posting something…

  5. Nice shot Mark. Lovely colours.

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