Mt Hotham Tree Lines

This is possibly my favorite image from the trip I reckon! A 9 shot stitch with the 28-300mm L series zoom in portrait at 100mm.

The TIFF file width is about 22,000 pixels!

I very much like the lines and tones in this image and the clouds were playing ball at this moment in time which was a real bonus…hope you like it troops!!

~ by True North Mark on May 10, 2010.

22 Responses to “Mt Hotham Tree Lines”

  1. I think i’d agree, it is probably your best from the trip.

    • Thanks Mervy!

      You are about as fast at commenting as I am at processing mate!

      It was a fun post off the other night with Tom, but I got flogged!

      Met my match a did…more consistent I am!!

  2. Love it Markie, nailed it.

  3. That is gorgeous mark! Print that bad boy up!

  4. Wow e, Very Nice image! Those hills are amazing

    • Thanks Charles, glad you liked the image.

      The image jumped out to all of us in the car and we stayed in the area for an hour or so!

  5. Spectacular scenery up there isn’t it – I hope you guys enjoyed the trip over this way. The dead tree lines highlighting the ridges make it in these vistas. Love it !

  6. These are all bloody corkers Mark! Sounds like all had a ball.

    • Thanks Tim, and yes we had a lot of fun for sure.

      It was good to catch up with Tony Middelton finally.



  7. Some very nice images from all your trips Mark, i cant believe how much you have posted since I have been away. Love the contours and colors of the pano…real nice…

    • Thanks Peta,

      Yep, I’m an editing machine I am!!

      We had a ‘post off’ between Tom Putt and myself whilst we were there so that was a bit of fun!

  8. I really don’t know when you fit the time in….but I know a challenge is a challenge, so who won????

    • I was flogged by Tom actually. He certainly can smash them out, but I think I put a bit more effort into some of my images with a number of them being stitches etc.

      We had Merv and Muzz commenting blow for blow which was waycool!

  9. One hell of a shot (shots) mate. Must learn how to do that myself one day!

  10. Great shot, this is my favorite from them all! This is beautiful colour. Love it!

    • Thanks Dan,

      I think it is up there with my fav as well.

      The clouds were working wonders with the light just then and I just happened to be set up and ready to go as they came over!

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