Harrietville River Colours

I worked this one up under duress whilst crammed in the cattle class seats on the Qantas flight  last night. Christian and I were both working images and then the people in front lowered their seats which added a new dimension of crampness if that is a word!

But I persevered and this is what came out which is not too shabby. Last light in the Harrietville region.


~ by True North Mark on May 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “Harrietville River Colours”

  1. Looks like a nice spot.

    Cattle class …. I thought two upwardly mobile fellas like yourselves would be sitting up the pointy end. 🙂

    • Frequent fliers mate and a full plane with no ability to upgrade!

      Sometimes you just have to put up with some crap to get on with it!



  2. Lovely set of images you are producing from what has been posted. I wonder how long the colours hang on. Might have to make a trip from Melbourne at some stage. Did you end up replacing your wide angle lens?

    You guys are editing machines. I can imagine you working on the laptop with your earphones blasting the penguin song and then CF nudging you going “and then”. Or have guys figured out a new theme for the Bright trip.

    • Thanks Pete,

      We had a sniff of the coconut song and a little bit of ‘and then’ but for sure we had some fun!

      I bought myself a 17mm tilt shift which I am very much liking I am!

      Sharp as a tack it is!

      Stay tuned for a mo, I am just about to post the cracker image of the trip me thinks!!!

    • Oh and I would get up there sooner rather than later as the colours were on the way out Pete!

  3. That was me Pete Ng

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