Mt Buffalo Sunrise

Up the top of Mt Buffalo this morning, above the clouds and presented with some very nice light and vola…a 6 image stitch done with my 50mm prime 1.2. Great light and really nice colours in this image i thought!

Last post for tonight..stay tuned!


~ by True North Mark on May 7, 2010.

10 Responses to “Mt Buffalo Sunrise”

  1. Looks like waves crashing onto rocks … unusual shot … very different.

  2. Looks great mark! must have been cold???
    Totally diff question, have you jumped at lodi or perris valley? whats your pick? headed to the states in a week!! 🙂

    • No not too cold Bryce

      I have only jumped at Perris and that was pretty cool.

      As for Kate Cooper and tell her I said hey!!!



  3. It’s a beautiful part of the world and a nice shot too.

  4. Good pano Mark, this is a surreal shot, from the thumbnail I thought like Merv that it was waves. Looks really good, there’s something in the lower left corner I would clone out though.

  5. Stunning looking pano. Kept me guessing a tiny bit if it was a seascape or landscape of rolling mountains/hills. Nice work Mark.

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