Last post from Karijini!!!

Here is another take on the Lightning Fields of another tree destroyed by the fire. I brought the feature tree in much closer in this image and I think it worked quite well. Last post for the Karijini trip and stay tuned over the weekend for some Autumn beauty…hopefully!

~ by True North Mark on May 5, 2010.

15 Responses to “Last post from Karijini!!!”

  1. I envy you guy’s that are heading to Melbourne for Autumn Festival! I have it on good authority that unlike Karijini it’s cold in Melbourne and there’s snow in some of the ski fields. 43 too -1, go tiger!

    • Thanks Matt Muzz

      I have my ski gear packed so no probs in the snow eh!:)



  2. Oh, top image too, love the color saturation. That tree kept you boys ( and Eastway) busy for a long long time. I’ll be keeping an eye on Pete’s trio of magazines, you’d think that something could come out of it, probably a ‘gold’ at PMA next year!

  3. My favourite of this series. I like all of the colours/tones in this one.

  4. A yep from me, Markie.

    Really like this, it all seems to fit , even the little green regrowth fits the scene very well and the background country really tells the story,

    A 7 from me and a 9 from the Russian judge. !!! 🙂

  5. Just looked at it again , that cloud treatment special of yours might go well on this one.

  6. Nice work Mark, colours still pretty good in Bright but had a bit of rain so that might put a dampener on it. 3-4cms of snow on Falls creek and being cold it should hang around nicely.

  7. Have a great trip Mark.

  8. Definitely better than the other one and great PS work. Composition a little off, something irks me, unbalanced. Can’t quite put my finger on it, a bit busy and I dunno. But still quite good!

  9. Some of the very best images of the region I have seen.

    • Why thanks Graham!

      Probably the best compliment Ive had as well!:)



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