It’s Red up There in the North West of Australia!

Just going through the last of the Karijini images and found this one…kinda red but I kinda like it! Soooo typical of the North West of WA.

Soon the images for next week will change with the Autumn colours of the Highlands in Victoria as Christian, Neal, Phil and Clint and I are off for the weekend to the Highlands to shoot some Autumn colours!!


~ by True North Mark on May 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “It’s Red up There in the North West of Australia!”

  1. Hey Mark, the sky is so subtle yet the highlight of your image. Enjoy the Highlands in Victoria and if I can say one thing to all that enjoy this next trip stay safe out there!
    Cheers Adrian

  2. Hey , this one’s not all that dusty either .

    Bloody nice.

  3. Very nice Mark ! I might see you up Bright way…. ?

  4. Colours and light are sweet but personally, too messy for me, I would want it more simple and graphic – one tree (they’re the ones that are hard to find though!)

  5. Yeah, Mark it’s red alright took days to get the orange tinge out the soles of my feet. Nice image but (I’d hang it on a wall) I’m with Bo, simple is better. I should post some of my tree photos’ from the trip. I got a couple I think are sweet!!

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