Lower Hancock Gorge Pool

Check the colours out in this pool area at the bottom of Hancock Gorge!

A nice way to finish off the tour of Knox Gorge through to Hancock Gorge.

~ by True North Mark on May 3, 2010.

16 Responses to “Lower Hancock Gorge Pool”

  1. not bad… not bad at all can’t get over how good the colours are, really nice shot mark

    • Thanks Darren,

      Yep indeed the colours were amazing and somewhat enhanced by the afternoon sun glowing off the red wall in the background.



  2. Hey Mark, clearly another amazing visit to Karajini.
    This is certainly one of the more prominent coloured images from your posts.
    Like it Cheers Adrian

  3. Sweet as, great colour! Was this a single image?

    • No a 3 stack focus Matt.



      • Same exposure or low f-stop to make several quick exposures stacked for DoF? I took a set of images in Kalamina George and had to bracket 4 stops each way, Pete guessed 7, how good was that guess?

      • Same f stop but different focus Matt.



  4. Great work Mark. Beautiful shot

  5. yeah it’s ok I guess, still much better scenes at the top of the gorge where it is safe Markie!! haha

    • I don’t think so CF!

      I will pack some harden up pills for your next trip and you can get the phase down there!



  6. Hi Mark,

    Nice really nice. As for getting into the gorges? Well if you go where others won’t you’ll get photos that others don’t!

    • Now there’s some poetry Jamie!

      Poetry in motion as they say!

      As they also say…if you are ‘not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space’!

  7. Hah so there is. I didn’t even realise. I like your saying as well. Have fun in the ‘High Country’

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