Eco Hill Sunset

Like everyone else, I had a crack at using the off camera flash with Brent, but I think I prefer this silhouette version. Many of us had thought the colours were over when they just popped…sometime after the sun had gone down actually.


~ by True North Mark on May 3, 2010.

16 Responses to “Eco Hill Sunset”

  1. Works for me, great sunset, silhouette wins.

  2. love that sky!

  3. Between the two I have seen yours and CF’s I like yours better mate for sure but its a personal choise I like to shoot the other way to but love this one hey Mark.

    • Thanks for the comments Brett and Sandy.

      I also normally shoot the other way as well but there was no colour at all the other way in this night!



  4. I am home in a couple of weeks Mark if you have time should catch up for a shoot hey I also have a silhouette on my blog of the sunset you guys would of seen out there but from here lol.

  5. I prefer your version too Mark, it’s just a taste thing, I prefer this dark silhouette to a flash lit up tree.

    I am always fascinated by studying composition and ‘the eye’ for how we shoot things. A friend here in Arizona saw me shooting a stitched panorama and said “you don’t have anything to the left? I always want something like a tree or rock to bookend both sides of the pano”. Au contraire I said, I want an opening into infinity on one side, always!

    Here, I would step back a bit and too the right. The tree takes up a bit too much of the frame for my taste. 5 steps back, bit too the right and you could crop it slightly more pano too.

  6. Brett, no christmas card for you this year!! haha
    I think the Phase picked up $50k more colour than the Canon Markie, what do you think??

  7. I’m also a fan of the silhouette version. That sky is something else though isn’t it – no doubt there were others in the party who missed it while on their 3rd or 4th bevvie by this time so good to see you one step ahead there.

  8. This is a great sunset picture shot loving it 🙂

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