Hancock Gorge Cascades

Here is another larger version of the Hancock Gorge Cascades. The full size image is about 2m tall as it is a stitch of 4 images. I did the stitching manually as PT Gui was struggling to do what I was looking for.

I would rate this gorge as one of the best in Karijini and as you can see the colours are something else!


~ by True North Mark on May 2, 2010.

15 Responses to “Hancock Gorge Cascades”

  1. Awesome is all I can say I can’t wait to get out there.

  2. fav for me Mark!

  3. Good depth in this Mark, and I like how you got the leading lines to start at the upper left third.
    I will be honest and admit that these gorge shots do not really do it for me. This is a good capture of Hancock, it is just personally these gorge shots are just not my thing at all. It is strange cos I know most photogs go crazy over these gorges.

    • Thanks Bo,

      But of course this is not your gig as you are the original ‘desert rat’ eh!:)



  4. Hey Mark
    Lovely Pano of these falls. You have done a great job with the composition and post processing. Really nice.

    • Thanks Brent,

      I am pretty happy with thisone also and the fact it is 2m tall is animus as well!



  5. The work of mother nature at it’s finest. You have captured it extremely well Mark.

  6. Colours are crazy! awesome shot Mark my pick so far

  7. nice view mate. Could you get a little more white in the water. Looks a little bit grey on my screen, also I think now looking at all our shots a polariser is an essential bit of kit to remove the highlights on the rocks and saturate the colours in the rock even more.

    • Yeah mate I know…I remembered my polarizer when I reached the bottom of Knox!



  8. These Karijini shots are certainly making me envious. This one has a real autumn feel despite there not being a leaf in sight.

    • Sweet colours eh Muzz! We were blown away as we came up into this part of the gorge!

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