Red Gorge Layers

This was one of the favourite pools of our guide, Dan. He particularly liked the stark black wall at the back of the pool which had a cut out in the shape of an ‘i’ so he called it his ‘Information Pool’!

I was drawn to the amazing layers and colours in the foreground and with a few enhancement tricks I think I have managed to pull out the colours and textures this place has on offer.

~ by True North Mark on May 1, 2010.

14 Responses to “Red Gorge Layers”

  1. Looks like a good little pool.

    Crop or pano?

    There’s a lot happening in this shot, its busy..

  2. Hey,
    Nice shot mate… Im glad you guys took my advice and did the trip… look at the stuff you have seen that the others didnt huh……

    • Yeah mate waycool fun was the gorge tour!

      Thanks for the heads up!



  3. Awesome capture Mark, great detail in the layering.
    All great posts.


  4. it is a bit busy for me too, but that is me, I like clean beaches and shaved legs, and that is my own!!

  5. Hi Mark,

    I certainly appreciate being able to see all the layers, lines and textures. Really cool stuff.



  6. It might be busy but the softness of the water contrasts the sharpness of the rocks and draws your eye to it. I quite like it.

  7. Really like this one. Excellent composition imo. It is one of those that doesn’t grab you immediately but draws you in slowly. I am seeing the foliage on the rocks. Then drawn to the water and then rocks under the water. Then the different shapes and sizes with the rocks. It is probably a geologist dream. You have done really well to see the different elements and then capture it in a way that tells a decent story. By the way love your header image.

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