Knox Gorge Entrance

On the last day, Brent Pearson and I went on an adventure that started at Knox Gorge. Brent is on the log taking a shot and beyond the log was a really cool water slide with a 4m drop!

Who needs theme parks eh when nature can turn it on like this! It was a grad start to a grand day!


~ by True North Mark on May 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Knox Gorge Entrance”

  1. Jeez you guys had a great time, I wish I had the sense of balance to have come along too. Keep the images coming, you’re doing the guide a great opportunity with the quality of your images from your trip. Mind you I really needed the extra ‘Photoshop 202’ provided by Christian that morning and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Watching him work in Photoshop is just inspiring!

    • No doubt the Christian tut’s would have been worth while for you Matt.

      Yep we had a great time and was thinking outside the square a lot!

  2. awe shucks, thanks Matt. I like photoshopping better than sliding 4 metres to my death, or worse, wet jocks!
    That is one big log. Chizzy had and experience with a big log in Knox didn’t ya mate!

  3. You’re welcome Christian, I like photographing trees and learning about photoshop. It certainly beats the risk of coming a cropper! Thanks again for missing a morning shoot in a george to help those of us who needed the the extra ‘Photoshop 202′. Those of us who held back & hung around that morning really appreciated the extra tutorials’.

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