Chizzy was over the moon with the workshop!!!

Here’s one bloke who was pretty happy with the workshop eh! Happy Chiz!!

~ by True North Mark on April 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Chizzy was over the moon with the workshop!!!”

  1. Haha, wasn’t like that when I rolled my car on the way out Mark. ;( But I have insurance. I was protected, as i walked away with the worst injury being when I knicked my finger on glasss retrieving all my gear. Praise God. All of my gear was 100% okee dokeey too make. Amazing that when u see the car. Got to spend some extra days in Karijini. haha

    • Hi Chizzy

      I heard you had rolled your car…bummer dude!

      The good thing is that you are ok.

      Hope it works out OK for you.

  2. Yeah Chiz, glad you are ok, someone was looking out for you! Did you all hear about Nic Melidonis??

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