Karijini Lightning Fields

We were on the way to Dales George in Karijini when we spotted this field that had recently been hammered by a fire or a large lightning storm and this perspective caught my eye. In fact Brent Pearson, Peter NG, Tony Armstrong and myself opted to stay on this located for a couple of hours rather than going into the george.

The light and the colours were really going off which made for a very memorable sunset as mother nature settle into her night mood!

New growth had already started with these wonderful greens against the reds and burned look of  the landscape.

~ by True North Mark on April 28, 2010.

30 Responses to “Karijini Lightning Fields”

  1. Nice one Mark, we nearly stayed around for the duration of the sunset as well. There was a lot to shoot there around that tree, I went big on the ‘new growth’ aspect. There’s a nice balance in this this one, but the new growth (bottom left) gives the image some some pop! I’d like too see what else you and the guys stayed there took (image wise), as you were still there when when we headed back from the george, P Eastway was very excited about this whole affair, so with a bit of luck you’ll make it into one of the (his) mags! Great image, makes me wish I’d have hung around some more. i like “treetograhy” (as i call it) & I hope to post some similar images soon on my blog. Swish effort Mark, truly swish, i hope the foot’s getting better it’s comforting to know the group ha a GP on the roll books, thanks Pete for the stories and advice. Get well soon!

    • Thanks for the comments guys.

      I am sure you would have enjoyed the week Bo and your international fame would have preceeded you!



  2. Well done Mark, everyone naturally runs for the gorges in Karijini but there is also some spectacular shots to be had topside. Especially at sunset, where the gorges hardly work anyway.

    This is a great Karijini landscape, I like the contrast of barren desolate land, dead tree and the new groth. Very very cool. As for composition I feel the dead tree is too centered for my taste, the stump is too bulls eye. Just my taste. Also the horizon “feels” crooked. Maybe it’s just a feeling. Or an illusion 🙂

    Look forward to more stuff from what I am sure was a legendary Karijini trip! Shame I wasn’t there to put a bit of international stardom into the day 🙂

  3. Hi Mark, I like the image but the new leaves seem to be over worked and part of another scene, too much of a distraction for me. Just my opinion of course.

  4. Got to admit. I really like this shot. Its so Aussie!


  5. Yeah I like it , very Aussie , but I’m with Andrew the green just doesn’t quite fit.

  6. Hey Mark

    Lovely image, but I’m with Andrew on the leaves, I think they are a tad overpowering and competing with the logs. Did you enhance the greens?
    Might want to to try a version with desaturated greens to see how that balances.


  7. nice Mark, focus stacked?

  8. I like the leaves! Great to hear you all had such a good time. I may be heading up that way soon….may have to pick your brian for some good spots. 🙂

    • And Sandy happy to offer some tips as to where to go but would thoroughly recommend a tour from Knoxes George thru to Hankock with tour guide Dan at the Eco Retreat.

      It involves an easy absiel and a slide down a waterfall so water proof case is essential.



  9. Great scene there Mark ! the composition is strong though the greens are too saturated and bright for my liking – keep em coming though ! ( I know that you will anyway) lol
    tone (-:

    • It seems that I need to rework the leaves so will do that and repost when I get a chance in amongst the other editing I have from the trip.

      Thanks for the comments troops!

  10. yep very cool but dull down the greens, looks like a bit of flash was popped on it, would that be right mate?

    • Nup but will rework and repost.

      The concept is good…just needs a tweek or 2!



  11. Love the lightning struck tree, have to agree with the rest, green bush is a tad bright!
    Keep ’em coming though!


  12. Look forward to a reworked version, looking at it again, yes those greens are too shiny fluorescent.

  13. Great location and wonderful capture Mark … I like the green shrub, I just think the shrub and red earth around it in the foreground are too strong and detract from the main subject matter the old tree. I would leave it in and just tweak it a little more …

    • Yeah needs a rework of some sort Neal.

      I think I will post some more new images and come back to this one!

  14. My vote is to leave the bush – but tone down the color. I agree with the earlier comments on composition – the contrast between the new growth, and the dead tree – burnt landscape, helped by the red vs the green is great and tells a story. I think the central positioning of the dead stump over emphasises the dead tree and the result reduces the effect of contrast. I would crop just to the right of the tree to give a more equal weight to the two elements. The dead branches on the ground form a natural leading line between the new growth and the dead tree.

    But it’s your image – not mine!

  15. Hey Mark, didn’t notice that green bush in the image I saw you processing. Certainly stands out now, took my eyes away from the stump at first glance. Love to see the rework, bush or no bush. Maybe bring the scene in to the right, so the stump is not not so centrally Bo-lanced.

  16. Would like to see a shot down very low with the new growth in the front half of the image and the tree further back, something like that anyway. The tree looks good though.

    What is the deal with your foot?

    • Trod on a spike with my crocks on and it went thru the crocks and spiked my foot…doh!

      I thought it was coming good but it got a little saw again today.

      Hopefully it’ll come good soon!



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