Upper Level Organ Pipes Tasmania

This shot was taken a little higher than the other Organ Pipes shots, but I think it very much typifies where the name comes from eh!


~ by True North Mark on April 19, 2010.

12 Responses to “Upper Level Organ Pipes Tasmania”

  1. These Tassie shots are great Mark. Looks like a real wilderness! Please tell me it’s protected!

    • Yep I am pretty sure it is a reserve. They have done an awesome job of the cycleways down a little lower than this through the rain forest and very much blending it into the surroundings.

      A few shots earlier on my blog shows the cycleway…it is pretty cool riding from the top of Mt Wellington to the waterfront!

  2. This one’s not all that dusty either, these Organ Pipe shots are great.

    Well that’s it I’m right up with you , and I’m worn out pheww !!! 🙂

    All well done Mark and I’ll never get that far behind again.



    • Wow…that has to be some sort of record Merv…for comments that is!

      The best part was that I did get a few positives towards the end which were much appreciated.

      Thanks for taking the time mate!



  3. great shot, love it.

  4. Mark, this is my favourite Organ Pipes shot, well done. I like the little bit of cloud at the upper part of the shot.

  5. lovely photo mark, really like the perspective

    p.s i moved my blog, if you want to update your blogroll 🙂

  6. Hey Mark, How are you going. Awesome shots of Tassie. The last three shots have been great, It looks like a really nice place to visit.

    • Thanks a lot Dan,

      Just back from Karijini..have some great images to load up soon,,,,stay tuned!

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