Incoming Cloud Coming into The Organ Pipes

As we watched the sunrising at the Organ Pipes in Hobart, we also saw a very cool spectacle where a low cloud base was building and rolling in and around Mt Wellington.

It was quite a sight and this shot shows it pretty well.


~ by True North Mark on April 19, 2010.

17 Responses to “Incoming Cloud Coming into The Organ Pipes”

  1. Nice shots Mark,
    Has a bit of Peter Dombrovskis about it, well done.

    • Thanks Thomas!

      You were pretty impressed with him in you recent comment so I take that as a compliment for sure!



  2. This is the one for me Mark! Awesome light on the cliff face and low level trees in this one! This one shows the true scale without the need of your mate in there! The pick of them for me

  3. This is the best of your Organ Pipe shots Mark, by far this one has a really good composition. The wall on one side and the open view to infinity and some nice foreground and great clouds. A winner.

  4. Great shot Mark, as Bo says it’s got a bit of everything.

  5. Senfreakingsational. Fantastics subject and composition. Great stuff mate. I couldn’t get off Mt Wellington fast enough. Didn’t stop to take any photos at all.

  6. Coz I am so scared of heights its not funny! I drove up in a campervan and thought I was going to roll off the whole time. I just did a u turn the moment we got to the top and drove straight down.

    Funny because I love flying.

    I’ve set myself a goal to climb up to the top of Bluff Knoll in August no matter what and take a stack of photos. Its a fear I am going to overcome. Want to come and “mentor” me up to the top?


    • No worries Jamie…that sounds like it could be fun…time permitting of course!

      Maybe we should get you a skydive first and that will start the process of overcoming that fear mate…or a bungy!

      Skydiving has taught me many things over the years, but certainly one of the main benefits that a number of jumps will give you is the ability to overcome any fear and approach all problems in a controlled and logical manner.

      The disciplines you learned by being a competent skydiver can be carried through in anything you do outside of skydiving.

      In any case, I would be happy to mentor you through your fear of heights and I would approach it the same way as I would coach a student when I was an instructor!

  7. Cool. I’m sure if we chat a little closer to August we can line something up with Bluff Knoll. Skydiving? I don’t think I’ll ever do that. Bungy? Yes most definitely would try that out.

    Its funny isn’t? You put me into a small tin tube like a submarine and I really don’t care how deep I am. Put me on top of a mountain and I shake like a leaf.

  8. Ripper … love it mate.

  9. Nice shot mark, I like the colors.

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