Korean Tiger in a Restaurant

We are staying in a pretty cool hotel in Busan Korea at present and in the Coffee lounge they have a full size tiger behind the glass.

Poor little fella probably gets pretty lonely, but it is probably better than being Poacher bait!

~ by True North Mark on April 12, 2010.

20 Responses to “Korean Tiger in a Restaurant”

  1. Korea? You’re just messing with our heads now! Great shot Mark. Love the colour of the tiger.


  2. poor tiger!, but like you said, better than it being a floor mat in someones house!

  3. Such a beautiful creature, such a sad sad image – makes me sad anyway, no one should be allowed to treat a Tiger like a restaurant decoration. Poor thing, I want to go there right now and mount a rescue!

  4. I thought everyone has a tiger… Mike Tyson even has one.. its true… havent you seen the movie The Hangover…

  5. At least this tiger didn’t get beaten with a golf club! and I don’t think he has had as many lady friend either.
    I agree it is cruel, hopefully one day it will chew out the guy who put him in there. Now that would be good to have behind glass. Maybe they can start feeding it Christians again, then muslims and the world would be better off! Go the atheists! Shit I’m going to get into trouble over that comment!

  6. Cool image Mark and a pretty unique concept for a hotel… but I am appalled that they can and are allowed to do this. These stunningly beautiful creatures don’t deserve to be caged like this 😦 grrrr GO NATURE ! !

    • Totally with you on that one Tone!



      • cheers mate – I know that here he doesn’t have to hunt for food or whatever.. but how can ‘he’ run, reproduce and live life how such a breathtaking creature was born to do. It would almost be like an authority confining a normal sane able bodied person to a wheel chair in a room for life… I just find it disgusting…
        Thanks for capturing it and bringing this cruel practice to more people’s attention Mark. 🙂

  7. Yea I too find it a sad image as well. Tigers belong in the wild not in a restaurant! Some might say it is a form of conservation of the species but that doesn’t gel with me either. I don’t think people release that there is actually 9 species of tiger – three of which are extinct. And don’t get me started on white tigers. They are only bred to please the punters and will most likely interbreed with the more natural orange tigers!!

    I’ll step off my soap box how…



  8. just feed him a catholic, poacher, who happens to own a restaurant in Korea. Still that might just give him a pain in the guts. Release the little guy.
    Actually Mark you should look into getting a petition together to present to the owner of the hotel. Actually this would be really cool. If we all send that image to everyone we know and ask them to do the same we might be able to bombard this joint with enough emails till they have to release it. That would be a great outcome. What do you think? I’ll sign it and send it on. What is the hotel, I’ll bloody send them an email now.

  9. oh ..like this ( how many bloody more )

  10. He does look pretty sad and his spirit is broken. I remember at the Beijing zoo, the tigers are kept in the smallest pens, behind glass and they look they are going crazy. It’s sickening! Apart from the sadness, you really have a knack of making the animals pop out of the picture, excellent job on the post processing.

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