Korean Bridge in Busan

A short cruise on a steel Ro Ro took us under this new bridge that is nearly complete.

Kinda made for a reasonable shot I felt?

~ by True North Mark on April 12, 2010.

20 Responses to “Korean Bridge in Busan”

  1. Hey Mark

    Cool shot… i reckon this bridge would make a good pano once it is finished at sunrise or sunset.


  2. Some great shots Mark, you do get around …I thought I have done some miles in the past 3 week…but you take the honors and still find the time to post…you obviously don’t sleep much ….

    • You have got that in one Peta…not a good sleeper at all…especially when I travel!



  3. Rotto, Tassie, Korea….is there no end to your travels? (I’m just jealous hee hee) Like the bridge shot in B&W.

  4. Hobart to Korea…… That’s a change of scenery and culture! Good posts!

  5. Yer it made a great shot!!!…… its amazing how they put these bridges up!! i love watching the docos about them

    • Yes Clint….it’s called man power and they have heaps of it up there eh’



  6. Great shot Mark, would be amazing to see that progressing…

  7. don’t forget Karijini next week then The alpine region of Victoria just after that!

    Great nostalgic print mate.

  8. Now this is a cool image Mark – love the angles and PoV. B&W is perfect for it too. Nice one mate ! 🙂

  9. ok

  10. Good shot Mark. I like the B&W treatment.

  11. This is a great shot Mark…. Really interesting subject matter. Great capture and processing.


    • Thanks Brent,

      Comment from the Virgin Lounge…very keen son! Great to meet you finally and i very much enjoyed your company and the adventures we had. Stay in touch and we will catch up soon!

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