My daughter, Niki was on her way out to meet her boyfriend this evening who was coming back from the mines.

I couldn’t resist taking a shot of her as she looked amazing.

It is a little soft as it was hand held, but I quite like the composition.

~ by True North Mark on April 10, 2010.

11 Responses to “Niki”

  1. she’s gorgeous mark!

  2. a proud dad, I love my little girl too, don’t know about her having boyfriends though!! still she is only 4!

  3. Nice pic for sure Mark, I’ve got four of my own around the same age. They grow up to quick Don’t they ?

  4. LOL @ Christian ! fantastic natural portrait Mark 🙂

  5. Great portrait Mark, I’ve got two little boys 3 & 1 so probably don’t have to worry about the boyfriend coming over…..

  6. really nice diagonal light shade Mark … She is very much a mirror image of her father and I bet she has the go gett’em attitude to life as well …

  7. got a couple myself ( daughters ) 🙂

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