Hobart Organ Pipes

I am currently in Tasmania checking out the ferries that we are looking after being built by Austal Margate.

This morning (sunrise) my offsider Hans and I went up the top of Mt Wellington and found this amazing area that is known as the Organ Pipes.

The place is absolutely dramatic and to show the scale I got Hans to sit on a rocky outcrop.

I have a heap more from here so stay tuned!

Later this evening we set out to Russel Falls which was also very impressive…I am sure I have some gold from there as well!


~ by True North Mark on April 7, 2010.

11 Responses to “Hobart Organ Pipes”

  1. Nice take on a popular spot with us landscapies, Hans gives a great sense of scale. I hope there’s more water over Russel Fall than I had when I was there. There’s a walk track that takes you up a creek further too the west and then up and around the top of the Russel Falls and down again. It’s well worth the small trek. If you get up to Craddle Mt check out the Wilderness Gallery @ the hotel there.

  2. Perth is so flat….must be exciting to see some real mountains Mark

    • Yes it’s pretty cool eh!

      Just about to ride down it on a mountain bike!



  3. holly sh1t that is huge. Nice view, how about bringing the reds and oranges out in the rocks mate?

  4. Looks like there is some awesome sights to be photographing over there Mark I am hoping to get over there this winter for a holiday and go trekin around for some shots can’t wait to see some more from there mate.

  5. If you get a chance, there is a tour that takes in the southern coast of Bruny Island. Dramatic coast,seals etc.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


    • Hi Tim,

      This visit was a bit of a flying one, but will be back there for 2 weeks in June or thereabouts when I will get out a bit more.

      I got some pretty good stuff around Hobart whilst I was there on this visit…just need to work them up now!

      Stay tuned!

      Nice image you just posted by the way and thanks for the kind words mate!

      I am getting a bit of a reputation as being a machine now eh!



  6. nice

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