Rottnest Lake Colours

Here is the first of a few Rottnest Lake shots I will post over the next few days.

I was inspired to go there after meeting Chris from Rottnest Bike hire who is a Photo guru in her own right and whats more she is a regular on my blog so she goes to the top of the class for sure!

Christian, Les and myself were in awe of the range of colours out in the lakes and with the light cloud coverage we were able to capture all the colours without them being blown out.

How are the reds in this shot!!!


~ by True North Mark on April 6, 2010.

11 Responses to “Rottnest Lake Colours”

  1. Mate, wait until you see the shots I got from the air! The lakes were on fire over the weekend.


    • Can’t wait Jamie!

      You shoulda called and picked us up mate..I could’ve sat on your lap mate!

  2. Nice composition and wicked colours with this pic Mark, Haven’t been to this area for about 30 years, Got to head back there now i’ve seen this.

  3. Any Rain over there? Mark Did you capture that Tall Tall Trimaran off Bathurst Point about today. WHAT was THAT? What a sailing machine !! She sailed out from Freo & reached back with matching headsail. Power plus & lifting a hull under light conditions.

    • No Clive I did not unfortunately..I am in Tassy!

      I bet it looked a sight though!



  4. would look even better if you shot it with a Phase. Poor Les only had his iphone to shoot with all weekend. The quality of the iphone isn’t much different to a dslr anyway! haha

    • Yes I was a little disappointed with the sharpness close up in the reds on this shot, but overall it looks pretty good eh!

  5. Great reds! Rotto really does have some hidden treasures. I was shooting the lake next to Digby Drive a while ago as a feature for the mag and the water was pink!
    Have fun in Tassie 🙂

    • HI Sandy,

      Yes indeed I have seen the pink colours out there as well…very cool colours eh!

  6. great color … nice

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