Rottnest Island Gun Tunnels

A visit to the Rottnest Island Guns prompted us to take the tour and see how the Troops put these guns together ‘back in the day’ as well as how they powered and fed the guns with ammo and Cordite.

Quite interesting really and worth a look if you are ever at Rotto and cruising around.


~ by True North Mark on April 6, 2010.

15 Responses to “Rottnest Island Gun Tunnels”

  1. be some good light painting ops in rotto i imagine!

  2. pretty cool Markie, I think the colour one I like better, can’t get over the dof. You didn’t use Helicon on it did you??

    • No but I did blend 2 lots of focuses in Photoshop!!!



      • seems like focus blending is all the rage at the moment…i better get on to it!!

      • Yes mate it’s the go alright!

        I just did a heap up at mount Wellington!

        Stay tuned!!!!



      • You using helicon focus? or doing it manually?
        Looking forward to seeing the shots!

      • Manually but have used HF



  3. I like the leading lines in the B&W image Mark. Very nice processing to boot….

  4. Good job Mark, I do like the coloured one too, the DOF is amazing and the image is really sharp for that matter. Good job.

    Looks like you don’t need a Nikon lens to produce pin sharp images 🙂

  5. Love the tones on both Mark … The B&W one is my fav from the two … All we’d need is a ghost image of an old digger carrying a lantern up the stair case …

    • Yep I thought of that as well. Neal..might see if I can find a ghost to drop in eh!



  6. not for me

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