Greggy’s Kimberley shots of me in action!

On Kimberley Trip 13 when we had Christian and Mike onboard, Greg Munyard and Maria came along to learn and have some fun. Greg and Maria were on every excursion with us and were up for all the early morning shoots. Greg captured me in action at Raft point shooting the whales and also in various locations up top of Raft Point for the heli breakfast.

Greg and Maria are joining us again this year on PNG 1, together with Christian and they are also on trip 1 for the Kimberley next year and the start of the Kimberley cruising season when the waterfalls are at their very best, not to mention the afternoon thunderstorms every day.

Anyone keen to join us!!!!


~ by True North Mark on March 31, 2010.

10 Responses to “Greggy’s Kimberley shots of me in action!”

  1. Markie
    Thanks for posting these. It’s nice to see some of you in action. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating; I can’t believe how quickly you see the potential in a shot and get there – and nail it. And this whether we were moving on the water, taking hero shots at Raft Point or lying on your back in the scrub getting a unique shot of an anthill. I reckon your blog needs more of you in action, given what you do to get them.

    That was such a fun trip 🙂 We’re really looking forwards to joining you and Christian again for PNG (would be brilliant if Mike could go, too but if not at least we’ll have some great pics for him! I hope to have my new camera by then).

    Plus can’t wait for Trip 1 next year. Show me the special spots mate, when that water’s pumping. I’ll be right beside you!!


  2. Sweet mate…you now have a new job…getting shots of me in action as it is hard for me to do that eh!

    We have some fun ahead of us for sure.

    Mike won’t be able to make it as PNG is full and as it is I think I am in a crew cabin eh!

    All heaps pay the bills!

  3. Are you shouting mate ?

  4. Hey Rod
    I think he’s shouting (as in %*#!!) because he’s in a crew cabin. Damn it – now he’ll be up even earlier in the morning. Is hard enough to keep up with him as it us. Plying him with alcohol the night before doesn’t work, either

  5. Keen to join you, you know I am! I will sleep on the deck mate, or in the tender 😀

  6. That deal sounds TEMPTING!!

  7. no comment !!!

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