Kimberley Layers

I think this shot typifies a number of things in the Kimberley, namely the varying sandstone colours from the deepest of reds, coming through the orange spectrum, down to the mauves and purples and then to the lighter tones. Not to mention the typical layer style of sand stone so typical of the Kimberley and the interesting compostions that Mother Nature puts together so well for us up there!

~ by True North Mark on March 27, 2010.

9 Responses to “Kimberley Layers”

  1. Hoadleys Violet Crumble. Rich & Crunchy colours

  2. Red rock formations always look great.

  3. Love it, Karijini here we come! I like the grass top, right too.

  4. Certainly a magnificent part of the country. Nice abstract Mark.

  5. not too bad.

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