Where the ‘BLOODY HELL ARE YA’…True North style!!

Here is my version of that famous Australia add ‘where the bloody hell are ya’

This is where we do heli sunrise breakfasts with Champagne and a cheese and fruit platter!!

Very, very special place and one of my favourite excursions in the Kimberley.

~ by True North Mark on March 26, 2010.

19 Responses to “Where the ‘BLOODY HELL ARE YA’…True North style!!”

  1. that was an awesome morning, one of the highlights of the trip for me Markie!

  2. Next time i get to Raft Pt, I should have 2 good hips and I am goig to get up there!
    Great shot Mark!


    • Thanks Tim,

      Hope the hips are getting betterfor you!



    • Hey Tim

      You don’t need good hips to get up there. As long as you can get into the “True North” chopper they’ll get you there in 5 minutes off the boat! And to ease any hip pain, they’ll then ease some champagne into you while you decide what to have for breakfast. Oh yeah …

  3. Certainly look’s like an extra special place mark, another one to put on my wish list.
    Great looking pic as well.

    Cheers Pete.

    • Thanks Pete!

      Yep Christian agreed that Raft Point was the highlight for him as well.



  4. Hey Mark. Good to see the old Kimberley shots resurfacing again. That was indeed a great day especially as Rainor and I had a bit of fun getting that hero shot of you and Christian.

    If memory serves me the dood in the shot was Don from Queensland. I remeber him not being too fond of flying and heights. It’s amazing he even went up there. I also remember flying out of the Mitchell Plateau in a Chieftan with him in the back saying “this is not good, THIS IS NOT GOOD”

    Thanks for bringing back all the good memories mate.

  5. You’ve nailed that one, Markie – an outstanding shot! What an amazing setting – one of the most beautiful places on earth. BTW, that guy (Don) is a mad Essendon supporter – aren’t they all 🙂 – and may feel like taking a dive off there after the Bombers gave up a handy lead to Geelong in Friday night’s 2010 season opener.

    • Thanks Greggy…nice to here from you mate!

      Yes Mike reckons he is scared of heights as well so I did well to get him up there!



  6. Certainly a good promo shot. That is what life is about, not sitting in an office all day!


  7. Don’t worry Greggy after my team sends those Bombers packing this week Don will be done for. GO FREO!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Mikey
    Great to hear from you – always a pleasure! Oh the True North memories – wasn’t that whole experience amazing? That was an awesome morning up there on the cliff at Raft Point.
    Hey Markie, I’ve got a pretty fair shot of you setting up a shot in the bush up on the cliff. Can I post it, or send it to you?? (How?) Still blows me away how quickly you picked out those spots to take the pics from, then got to them in no time flat, and barefooted. Legend stuff, mate. You’ve done even the mighty True North reputation proud!
    Mike – Loved your work with the Kimberley and Pilbara videos BTW. The only problem I have is that you being a Dockers supporter I only hear from you once in a blue moon when they have an unexpected win 🙂
    cheers, mate

    • Hi Greggy,

      Email it over mate and I’ll post it!

      Thanks for the positive comments mate!



  9. great shot but can’t put my finger on what is distracting 🙂

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