Eagle Creek Solo Tree

Going through some old RAW files has produced some gold!

This was a very calm morning at Eagle Creek in the Kimberley on another True North Adventure!!!


~ by True North Mark on March 26, 2010.

19 Responses to “Eagle Creek Solo Tree”

  1. Love the simplicity. Really nice Mark.

  2. I like the composition, easy on the eye and very soothing.

    • Thanks Matt…you’ve been a bit quiet bud!



      • Don’t I know it, too busy trying not to fall in the water, got a few images in the pipeline, we cartographer’s tend too be a little obsessive, my Palisade Hotel Image is driving me nuts, I think it’s time to post it and get some ideas.

      • Indeed!



  3. very nice, would love to see it stripped back to almost white. Tony Hewitt has a shot of some birds floating in a sea of white, you have to see it it is stunning.

  4. I tried to shoot this scene too but some ones head kept getting in the way. Any ideas who’s head????

    Nice shot Marky……

  5. Great bunch of photos, like the simplicity of this one. Eagle Creek looks very diverse, the boab tree by the water would be a good place to take a sunrise or sunset with red skies…

    • Indeed Peta,

      It is a very pretty place, but you have to make do with the times as per the cruise schedule.

      In this occasion we were there in the morning.



  6. Great shot, Markie – captures the serenity of those beautiful rivers first thing in the morning when the only sounds are of birds and photographers asking others to pull their heads in. G’day Mike 🙂

  7. Really good work mate.

  8. Wow. I stayed off the net for most of the weekend and now I find out that I’ve got 10 posts to catch up on and no boat ride!

    I really love this shot. I’ve been checking out lots of work lately that have really simple compositions yet are so striking.

    This has to be one of the best examples of a simple composition that captures a persons eye straight away.


  9. nice

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