Oman the new Weapon!

I was down at Freo Sailing Club today and saw this weapon of a yacht that had just pulled in from Africa!

This machine was built by boat speed and can achieve speeds up to 35 knots and can cruise at a very respectable 20 knots.

Those coming with me tomorrow for the Karijini get together will get to see and photograph this vessel as we cruise past it on our way out of the heads!

~ by True North Mark on March 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “Oman the new Weapon!”

  1. I’ll get me one if I ever pay off the phase!

  2. What are they doing with this machine? Just read that the Jules Verne Round the world record has been lowered to 48days!

    • Not sure Tim, the Captain was not the friendliest of dudes I have ever met!



  3. Think I got a shot of this boat tied up in Auckland 2 weeks ago I’ll get it out on your return , gets around if it is.

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