More Kimberley Colours

I never cease to ponder on just how hardy these little trees are to not only seed in these arid areas, but to also flourish and grow.

Couple that to the earthy colours of the Kimberley Sand Stone and you end up with a very unique landscape!!

~ by True North Mark on March 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “More Kimberley Colours”

  1. Hey Mark, mate I love this, great contrasting colours, and the composition is perfect, giving height in the rock wall above the foliage is perfect. Great shot mate, cheers Adrian

  2. Nice one Mark, nice crispness and colour to the rocks.

  3. Mark , keep on sending these superbly executed images. One at a time is great.
    Especially recall the F S C trainer dinghy colours & balance of the ocean, sails & sky.

  4. How do those trees do that>?? I noticed a lot of them also and it gives me great hope for the planet!


  5. brings back fond memories mate of the best trip of my life!

    • Yep and we did it together bud!

      Many more adventures where that one came from!



  6. ok

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