Boneyards Tranquility

I took this shot a while ago when down at Boneyards at Bunkers Bay. I quite like the soothing colours in this shot

~ by True North Mark on March 21, 2010.

11 Responses to “Boneyards Tranquility”

  1. Yeah, it’s very peaceful, a nice relaxing image. The cloud balances the photo well.

  2. I like it Mark…did you go to Rotto for the weekend?
    I went down south, had some fun waves!, no photos though 😦

  3. Grouse. Nothing beats a good photo taken around the Cape Naturaliste area!

  4. Love that colour of the water and lead in with the foreground rocks

  5. Awesome detail and color Mark. Have you dived around that area, looks awesome for a snorkel. Did you get out before or after the storm today. Check out my latest from before and during the storm. I hope someone out there was able to capture some of it also. cheers Adrian

  6. nice color

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