Samon Bay Rottnest Island

On Sunday the surf at Chickens wasn’t quite up to scratch but the conditions were pretty nice for photos, so off with the wetty and on with the back pack and off we went up the hill near chickens and pinged this one off.

I have tried this stitch once before and it didn’t quite work and was pretty pleased when PT GUI did the job on this one!


~ by True North Mark on March 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Samon Bay Rottnest Island”

  1. It come up nicely Mark. Go you halves in a Phase. That’ll solve everyones stiching problems! He he

    • I think I’ll hang out for the 1D mk4 Dave.

      Not sure I can justify 70k on what I am getting from photography just now…nor do I think the Phase could stand upto the rigors I would put it through!



  2. lovely stitch mark, does the land naturally curve around like that(?)

  3. It looks like a nice spot for a snorkel Mark – love that water. Where is the ‘chickens’ break in relation to this image ?

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