Fremantle Colours

On the way back in from Chickens we were presented with this scene which was the result of the thunderstorm burning off in the sky and the water being turned very green by the current dredging in the harbour….all in all some pretty awesome colours.

I guess it would be better with some subject matter in the shot, but the simplicity of the shot kinda works I feel.

~ by True North Mark on March 15, 2010.

11 Responses to “Fremantle Colours”

  1. Mark, You sure have an eye for the sky.
    Enjoying your Rotto & Freo images incl Q M 2.

  2. Might have to work up my version of this hehe.

  3. you do a b&w multiply layer on that sky markie?

  4. The simplicity of this photo works for me Mark. Great shot.

  5. And the fact that the colours are so unusual makes it really cool as well!

  6. love the sky and the contrasting water…

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