Chickens Colours

We recently had one of my favourite breaks at Rottnest pretty much to ourselves and the day itself was awesome. We surfed this for 3 hours pretty much to ourselves, all the while a thunderstorm was brewing.

I took some time out to change boards and to ping off a few of these shots.


~ by True North Mark on March 15, 2010.

11 Responses to “Chickens Colours”

  1. Hey Mark Chickens was cranking on this day. Hows the A frame barrel on the right hand side. Like the treatment you have given this.
    Cheers Adrian

  2. Good work, Shot works well Mark, for composition to simplify it I would perhaps try and crop the right side leaving just the one surfer and one wave. Also colours seem a bit weird to me on my calibrated screen (but then my eyes need calibration hehe). Great capture though, great moment you captured here.

    Would love to try surfing some day now I have beaten my fear of water – surfing must be next 🙂

    • Hi Bo,

      I kinda like the wave on the right.

      I will have to get you in the surf on your next visit!



      • yeah would love that Mark 😀 Used to skateboard back in the day so you never know, I might stay on the board for one or two split seconds before wiping out hehe 🙂

      • The hardest part with surfing Bo is reading the waves so when you are anywhere near surf, watch and learn!



  3. Probs the best surf ive had a Rotto i rekon!. you made the call, and it was a good one!
    Is it Brett on this one?
    I re-edited that HK shot and put it on my blog for you too!

  4. Nice Mark ! I’d like to either see more or none of that peak in the background though… or be on it ! hahaa

    t 🙂

  5. Filth.

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