King George Colours

I thought I would give the Rottnest theme a break for a while and was going back through some Kimberley RAW shots and this one jumped out at me. Last light coming out of the King George river and the colours were simply amazing.

This image depicts the cliffs that lead into the King George falls very well and the abstract is of the water colours of the King George created by the wake of the True North

~ by True North Mark on March 10, 2010.

12 Responses to “King George Colours”

  1. Nice to see some abstract..The cliffs are amazing, great perspective.

  2. Magical! Will never get tired of the rusty colours of our north!

  3. Love it Mark – I can never get enough of that part of the world. One of the divisions of my parent employer asked me up to take photo’s of an event the week after next (they’d pay for the day), but I can’t go due to other commitments – bummer.

  4. Absolute ripper Mark, love the sheer cliffs.

    • Thanks for the comments Thomas and Simon…yep King George is one of my favorite areas in the Kimberley eh!

  5. Love the colour in both these pics Mark, the top one is real nice. A bit of red does it for every time.

  6. Yep . I just love the colours and the unmistakable ruggedness of that north west scenery. Said it before , that’s my kinda country.

    I wouldn’t have believed that you’ve run out of Rotto material. 🙂

  7. Thanks Merv…haven’t run out, just taking a bit of a break from it for a mo. I am over there again this weekend, so you never know what will present itself!

  8. nice view Markie, I remember this, just don’t think I got a shot of it.

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