Rottnest Basin Mega Cloud

Here is my mega cloud version shot the other way to Bo’s version.


~ by True North Mark on March 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Rottnest Basin Mega Cloud”

  1. Cool sky, great image ( horizon?).

  2. Thats a single shot Matt…so the warping of the horizon is a factor of the 16-35mm Zoom!

  3. Yeah, ok, I get it now, i used to get that with the 20-35mm on my old Eos 5 (film) camera. There’s a way of fixing this in photoshop I think, we’ll have to interrogate Mr Eastway when in Karijini. I’ve worked out how to fix verticals so horizontals should be able to be done as well. I take you know about Filter>Distort>Lens Correction?

  4. This is the pick of them.

  5. Check out the latest one Merv!

  6. Awesome clouds!. bit of PS motion blur on that water?

  7. You can straighten the horizon using the lens distortion filter in PS.

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