Honeycombs Verticle

Here is another image from the day at Honeycombs. 2 shot stitch with an ND at a shutter speed of about 1.6 seconds.


~ by True North Mark on March 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “Honeycombs Verticle”

  1. Awesome sky Mark, what have you been using on the sky’s lately? And it’s a stitch too, very nice!

    • Hi Matt

      Yes it is a stitch and what I have been doing is, as they say, F8 and be there!!!

      I tend to carry my camera just about everywhere now and it is amazing the opportunities that have come my way!



  2. Hey Mark, This is one of the best stitches i’ve seen lately love the shot and the slow shutter as well… i’ve added you to my blog roll as well


  3. lovin those lines in the sand!. real nice

    • Yep as did I…had to move them closer to the water but as they were too far away!



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