Man against the Sea!!!

Here is another image that I took whilst in Peta North’s 182 over Rotto. The simplicity of the image is what attracts me to it and it typifies what surfing is all about..just you against the elements out in the middle of nowhere!!


~ by True North Mark on March 3, 2010.

12 Responses to “Man against the Sea!!!”

  1. Nice shot Mark, works well.

  2. Nice aqua, nice balance, simple. Works well.

  3. love it, im a big fan of simple.. ‘less is more’ i say!

  4. Nice Pics Mark, its amazing how different the same image can be. You liked the clean lines of the surf and I liked the swirling water of the surf.(Then again I dont Surf) Check out the one I took on The photos that I took of the swimmers are under the heading The 2010 Rottnest Channel Swim.

    • The lovely Peta!

      Nice to hear from you and great shots on your blog…I think I like your version of the paddle man better actually!

      Let me know when you want a weekend at Rotto!



  5. Thanks Mark, will do, very busy few months ahead, daughter getting married and a working trip to the Kimberley.

    • Balls in your court Peta!

      Maybe leave it till next season…the invite is still there!



  6. love it love it, great spotting. A classic surf image, very aquabumps mate.

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