Honeycombs Surf Break in our SW

A few weeks ago I stayed with some friends of mine who live close to Honeycombs and during the day these awesome clouds started to develop, so Mitch and I went down to Honeycombs and found some pretty cool stuff going on!

This is probably the most challenging image I have done to date…8 image stitch and PT Gui made a mess of it…then had to go about manually fixing it, but am pretty happy with the results and the effort was certainly worth it. Probably took about 3 hours to work up I reckon!


~ by True North Mark on March 3, 2010.

26 Responses to “Honeycombs Surf Break in our SW”

  1. Geez Mark. Excellent set of images. This particular one looks like it was worth the effort. Great job on the stitch, must have been quite a bit of work with so many moving elements.

  2. Wow! A stitch with crashing waves, well worth the effort mate. That’s got to be one of the best stitches of ocean waves i’ve seen. That sky is just amazing, and the waves are mesmerizing, one of your best for sure!

  3. Sweet stitch, you West coast folk have it easy over there best landscapes to shoot love the shot Mark

  4. Hi Mark,

    The effort was obviously worth it. I love this spot and you’ve captured it well.


  5. seamless stitch there Mark, good effort!.
    You get a wave in while you were, looks like there was a bit of swell. I surfed Goannas on sunday, which is between here and moses rock..pretty hidden little gem!

  6. I can only imagine, i am used to shooting on a film panos one click, scan, bit of editing and your away. Now this stiching business is bloody hard work and getting a good shot like this one is even harder.

  7. ive had a second look mark, still loving it but id like to see the whites of the waves crashing over the rocks a bit whiter. there looking a little greyish/blusish..maybe a levels adjusment and take some blue out…could be my monitor at work though

  8. Absolutely super Mark.

  9. You nailed this one alright, lotta work there.

  10. bloody nice mate, the clouds and the waves match! a yep from me. WB is on the money too, excellent.

  11. Its shots like this that are the reason yours is the only WA landscape BLOG (and jayzuz aint there a lot of ’em!) that gets me inspired…a bloody fantastic image.

  12. A great stitch indeed Mark humbled to see it.
    Brett 🙂

  13. This is my favourite Honeycombs shot. Came back to it after I calibrated my monitor for the first time and it really pops. The stitching is something else – it’s probably sweeter for all the work put into it, rather than just being spat out by PTGui. Very nice.

    • Thanks Muzz..yep it’s one of my favs now as well…but jeeze it took some doin’!!!



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