The Rottnest Swim 2010

Here are a series of shots I took on the day of the Rottnest swim. The day started at 0430 with Jamie Paterson meeting me at Cottesloe to capture the goings on for the start of the swim. I then high tailed it to Rotto where the lovely Peta North picked me up on their retractable 182 to get a few shots of the race from the air and then finally back for the finish.

Peta got a bit of a shock when i fronted up with my parachute, but flying in a Cessna with the door off and not having a rig on was strange for me! Taken off in heaps of 182’s landed in very few!

As it turned out a mate of mine, Lindsay Wiltshire, was supporting the guy who won the race in just over 4 hours! Incredible achievement really and I take my hat of to him!

Later that evening I was treated to a wonderful meal from an ex chef from True North, Ryan. Ryan has come up with a very innovative way to feed the hungry hordes at the Quokka Arms by using large woks and creating paella and fried rice and satay sticks…not to mention wood fired pizza! Ryan’s previous gig was head chef on the largest superyacht in the world, the Octopus!

I must say that the Prindavils have certainly turned the Quokka Arms around from a dingy pub that no one wanted to go to, to what it is now…a bustling and well thought out venue that is a pleasure to attend.

And thanks to people like Ryan coming up with great food that is easy to access, you can even get a feed there when the crowds are large.

All in all a great weekend!


~ by True North Mark on March 2, 2010.

15 Responses to “The Rottnest Swim 2010”

  1. Sounds like an amazing day all told 🙂

    I love what Sandalford have done with the Quokka Arms too, lets hope it’s a sign of things to come on Rotto.

    • Thanks Dave and indeed Rottnest certainly has a better feel about it in recent times!

  2. I’m quite impressed at the indepth coverage…I don’t think you missed a thing. You shot from the land, air…what about underwater? kidding..great job!

    • Don’t have a housing Leigh, but it is on the Xmas card list!

      Pretty keen on a 7D in a housing actually!

  3. yep you’ve been everywhere man!! good pic from the day, Like the aerial pic makes the island look pretty cool.

  4. I like that aerial shot myself.

    As we were the only one’s to venture to the Quokka arms on Oz day I’ve gotta say I was very impressed with the new place , way better than the dive they called a pub before.

  5. It was fun wasn’t Mark. Talk about lots of characters down at the beach. I like the first shot. That guy was cool.


  6. No problems Mark. You were much better than the dodgy company I had to keep on Sunday morning. 😉


  7. Mark, Some unique vantage points & composition not seen with this otherwise well covered event.
    Enjoying your posts, especially from Longreach. You have Location, location, l o c a t i o n.

    • Indeed Clive…Longreach is one of my favorite places on the Planet….does it show!



  8. A busy day for you Mark – a nice series where every photo is so different they could’ve been taken by different people. Like the aerial view – haven’t flown there for about 15 years and don’t remember it at all.

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