Rottnest Sunset Colours

The March long weekend is one of those ‘do not miss’ dates when it comes to Rotto and this weekend did not disappoint. Last night the sunset colours were simply amazing and I quickly managed to ping these off after arriving back from catching a feed of whiting.


~ by True North Mark on March 1, 2010.

14 Responses to “Rottnest Sunset Colours”

  1. must have been a fabo weekend Mark with the weather being so nice. Good to see you getting more shots for the book. I am without a camera at the moment as my brother has it on your boat!!! Just as well I ordered a new one :-0)

    • Hey CF…yep definitely a cracker as expected…surfed for 6 hours on Saturday by ourselves! Yesterday had a great dive, got crays and caught some whiting for dinner..tempura! Today more diving and more crays for lunch!

      Soon Bro won’t be able to take your cam,era eh dude!

      Thanks Adrian for dropping by…indeed they are mad if they don’t get amongst the perfect Autumn weather eh! Nice shots on your blog of Esperence by the way mate!

      • Bugger the photo’s …… crays and whiting win hands down. 🙂

      • Yeah mate for sure! A bit of a tuff gig this weekend for photos over there…and I was entertaining my Daughter and her friends.

        Funny how the best actual days over there don’t necessarily make for photos that work.

        38 degrees, beautiful blue skies..not a cloud in the sky……..

  2. Hey Mark great images. top one for me 🙂
    It was a cracker of a weekend both weather wise and the water, my god, people are mad if they dont get amongst it !
    Cheers Adrian

  3. Lovely delicate colours in these, I prefer the second one but they are both excellent.

  4. Hey Mark,
    Im liking that first one!. just answered my own question and see that you were at rotto!.
    You get any waves?
    I had a couple of fun surfs down south at gallows and goannas..was small but fun!

  5. when you going to link me up Markie!

  6. Nice work as always Mark. I can’t wait to see all these images in one book.

    • Thanks Jamie!

      I had a giggle about your getting dumped post on my Iphone last night!

      Funny stuff!



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