Winner Announced for the Team Digital True North Photo Competition!!!


Well that was a very well supported competition with a number of very different and well composed images for people to vote on.

For a while there I thought that number 3 was a shoe in as Ailsa seemed to be getting a run of votes, but number 7 had a late run and won quite convincingly in the end. Number 7 ended up with 40 votes to number 3 at 35 votes, then 1 & 2 an equal 3rd.

So, if the owner of the Lighthouse Photo can contact Ben at Team Digital (0419 933 312), he will let you know where to collect your prize!

Well done to all entrants and stay tuned to this blog as next week I will be announcing the format for next years Australia Day True North Adventure!!!


True North Mark


~ by True North Mark on February 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “Winner Announced for the Team Digital True North Photo Competition!!!”

  1. Congratulations to the winner and thanks to Mark for hosting the comp and TD for the prize.

    Re the TN next year, Mark, can we book already? Had such a good time am happy to book itinerary unseen 🙂 I’ll make sure I chat more next time though…

    • Thanks Simon next year gig is going to be a 3 day adventure cruise between garden island and Rottnest details next week.



  2. Gee, I KNOW TN can go faster than that, so I am intrigued…

  3. I think it was Khengs photo that won wasn’t it??

  4. Sorry Kheng, you had one very similar, no it was Leo Ng who won. Congratulations mate, enjoy the new tripod.

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