Sugar Loaf Rock

I was recently down South with Flemming Bo Jensen and we went to Sugar Loaf Rock for sunset.

Sugarloaf has been one of those places where I have been now on a number of occasions but have not been able to get anything worthy. Well I think I have cracked it this time round.

This is an 18 shot stitch with a 50mm, 6 , 6 and 6. The original file at maximum res was 2.6 gig and photo shop wouldn’t play, so I had to reduce it back to 15,000 pixels x about 12,000.

Hope you like it!

~ by True North Mark on February 21, 2010.

49 Responses to “Sugar Loaf Rock”

  1. Like it! Good to see a different angle on sugarloaf! The detail in the full res shot must be pretty special
    How was the weekend in rotto?
    Thanks for the comments too. If you could give me some input in to the questions I had in the post that would be awesome!
    Thanks mark

  2. Stunning imagae Mark…these just keep getting better and better!

    • Thanks Sandy!

      This one took quite a while to both capture and work up, so I guess if result is proportional to effort then I definitely put in on this one!



  3. Hi Mark,

    Good to see a different point of view of Sugar Loaf Rock.


    • Thanks Jamie,

      Haven’t even had time to download the weekend’s swim stuff yet!

      Thanks for joining me at the start of the race!



  4. No problems. I appreciated the invite. 🙂 I’ve not looked at my photos yet but I’m sure they’ll be something amongst them I can use.

    Did you get any good shots from the plane?


  5. Hiya Mark

    This is a grouse shot, the best of Sugarloaf I have seen. Really like the colours contrast and the detail is in a class of its own. Very impressive!


    • Thanks indeed Rob!

      Now that is a compliment! I have seen some awesome shots of sugarloaf and am humbled to think that you believe that mine is up there!



  6. One of, if not, your best yet! Utter cracker of an image!

  7. Definitely a winner there Mark!!! Great stuff.

  8. Excellent shot mark, lovely processing. The colours and sharpness make it a real winner.

  9. Typical. The underwater housing turned up yesterday. hehe.

    • Cool Jamie…you will have some fun with that I am sure!

      Make sure you get the bouyancy right so that it is bouancy neutral.



  10. Nice one Mark,probably your best image to date.

    Allways good to see something slightly different from here.

  11. superb shot mark

  12. Absolute super shot Mark, my fav pic of yours thus far, it gives sugar loaf a real abrupt feel, and fantastic pastel colours.


    • Thanks Thomas!

      There are a few saying my best yet!

      I have a few other favs that I think are up there but there is no doubt this one has it’s own appeal!



  13. I must say well done Mark, nicely composed and well processed. Definitely a winnner there!!

  14. wow mark that is insane love the different point of view definatly one of your best shots mate

  15. Could you imagine trying to pick Mark’s best photo there would literally be thousands that you would have to sift through and that would be for just one week!

  16. hahahhaa very tru jamie it would be the best one for this week

  17. Great image Mark! Love the different angle and the light looks great. Haven’t tried a stitch like that yet but have been thinking about it, might try one in Tassie!


  18. You should have seen where Mark is standing. Nice job climbing up there mate! I might have a shot of you standing up there, I will email it to you.

    As for composition I would say that I find it unfortunate Sugarloaf is a bit hidden by the foreground rock – but I know that taking 3 steps to the right would be 3 steps into thin air. Even Mark couldn’t pull that off I think!

    Thanks for taking me to Sugarloaf, what a fantastic location! Went again the night after, was even better. Images sometime soon 🙂

    • Thanks Flemming,

      I enjoyed that day out and was quite happy with this result.

      Looking fwd to seeing your version!



  19. Very cool Mark … I like the square crop and the leading lines down to the waters edge

  20. Mark the resolution is outstanding. When you zoom right in you can see someone having a crap behind the bushes on the hill. Cracker of a shot which must have soaked up a few hrs. well done.

  21. Gee what can I say that has not been said! Ask Fletch to put it in the window and clean up large!!

  22. Refreshing image Mark. It is great to see an alternate point of view. It works pretty damn well too!

    • Thanks Luke…all the way form Canada!

      I bet it’s still cold over there eh! It was 40 degrees C here today!



  23. Nice shot Mark, I like how you’ve processed this one, great glow on the rocks.

  24. Top work Mark – I love these tones and this perspective of sugarloaf is very refreshing and illustrates how big it really is. One of my favourites of yours mate – AWESOME !

    tone 🙂

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