New True North Website up and running!!!

TN at Cascades

As of today we have just launched a new and exciting website for North Star Cruises, the home of True North.

You can check out the new site at North Star Cruises.

You can also see Mike Fletchers work to date on various True North cruises at: Mike Fletcher

~ by True North Mark on February 19, 2010.

10 Responses to “New True North Website up and running!!!”

  1. Fantastic site Mark, love the photo on the homepage….you must be really pleased 🙂

  2. looks great mate will send people your way for a look at what they have been missing.

  3. Hey Mark,
    Great site! a TN cruise is definatly on the wish list!
    I just made my first post with a photo, also with a couple of questions about some issues i had with the shot. Would appreciate your input 🙂

  4. Msrk, I can only say that True North is not a cruise, a vacation, an adventure it is all of the above and an EXPERIENCE. It is everything one could wish rolled into the one package and if I could experience True North again I would in a heart beat. Magnificient.

    • Thanks indeed for the kind comments Ailsa!

      I see that you are doing well with the Rottnest Photo comp!

      I haven’t counted the votes yet, but feel that you are certainly in with a chance.

      I will close off tomorrow evening and see what the tally brings…good luck!

      Christian, Craig and I will be working up the details for next year’s Rottnest photo gig on Saturday and hope to post some details about that next week.

      Stay tuned!



  5. Site looks good mate, one of these days I’ll be back over there so hopefully can join you on one of these cruises.

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