7 Rottnest Team Digital Competition Finalists: Voting has now closed!!!

OK everyone…here are the 7 finalists for the Team Digital, True North Rottnest Photo Competition for you all to vote on. One vote per person and we will tally the votes up next Wednesday morning and announce the winner that evening on mine and Christian’s blog.

The entries were all very different and so was our scoring on this round of the judging!!

The final 7 represent the only images that managed more than one vote between the 3 judges!

Now just a word from the sponsors Team Digital and Manfrotto are proud to be putting up 055XProB Tripod, with 322 Head and Case valued at $ 590.00 inc gst as the first prize.

Looking fwd to reading the comments!!


~ by True North Mark on February 16, 2010.

144 Responses to “7 Rottnest Team Digital Competition Finalists: Voting has now closed!!!”

  1. […] Tripod, with 322 Head and Case valued at $ 590.00 inc gst as the first prize. To vote go to Mark Stothard blog remember only one vote. Good […]

    • No.7 rocks my world; looks nothing like the day it was taken but I can believe that a moonlit evening like that would occur at Rotto. Don’t mean to be harsh but the others feel like post cards or could be of anywhere.

    • Number 7. All are excellent images, perfectly captured and represent their own bit of rotto. For me number 7 just tells that bit more of the story. Nice work everyone.

  2. my vote is for kirks good balance and composition beautiful colours


    mine must have been to good for this comp hahaha

  3. It’s #2 for me, sorry Mark! I find it the most original, and it makes me ponder the history of the vandalisim! We’re they @ schoolies or do they go way,way back? #1 & #7 came very close, the lighthouse and moon work well; I like the simplicity of the rope, it’s a classic!

  4. no.1 for me.

  5. thought there were meant to be 15!?

  6. it didn’t work out that way Jasmin as the other 8 only got one vote each from us and we couldn’t decide which ones to go with. We felt this was the fairest thing to do.

  7. I am going to vote for #3 amd not just because I am related to the Photog but I think it is the most pleasing shot,
    It captures the colours and movement I was looking for.

    Go #3

  8. I will vote for myself as learnt a lot that day. I achieved soft water and I really like how the rock and water turned out with the vibrant colours of the sunset. I wish to congratulate all those who made the True North Rottnest Australia Day event such a success and all the participants also the finalists for such diverce and spectacular photographs. Thank you to Team Digital and Christian

  9. Hi Mark,
    #2 for me, love the composition and colours.
    Stoked i made the cut though!, hopefully i get atleast 1 vote for #6 ahah.

  10. I vote for the water over the rocks #3–unique view of colors. Very nice indeed.

  11. […] Hi all the 7 finalists in the competition are now on Mark Stothards blog. Go to Finalists to vote on the one you think should win. The prize is the Manfrotto Tripod kindly donated by Team […]

  12. #1 simple and effective

  13. Hi all,
    I am going to vote for num 2 (graffiti) cause it represents a totally diff approach. Following up would be num 3 for potential. (Could do with a tilt and a crop in tight i reckon but good image). Other shots arewell executed but must be honest and say that they leave me with a sense of dejavu!

  14. Number one for me, the rope. Thanks Mark for doing this!


  15. Hey Mark, cant go past a cracker of a macro, No 1 is my vote
    cheers Adrian

  16. #5 for me, nicely balanced and best executed shot imo, 7 was close second though!

  17. Hi Mark No2 for me champ colours & composition are great!!

  18. My top vote goes to #7 Bathurst Lighthouse, delicate light & detail. Staircase to the moon, Rotto style.
    For me #1, the rope w concise narrow depth of field is only a whisp away

  19. I’m going for number 3. Very creative.

  20. No 4 for me:)

  21. Hi Mark

    I’m voting for number 2 also really like number 1 the rope it was a close choice for me.

    Cheers Michael

  22. number 7. it screams rottnest in a totally new perspective. apart from the shots of the basin and the salt lakes, the other photos could have been taken anywhere or are images i feel i have seen already. the lighthouse and the moon is a winner.

  23. Not sure if I can vote as I was not at the day so discount if so, if it is ok to vote #6 for me. I like the timing and pov of the capture, colours are nice and image is clean and sharp.

  24. #2 for me Mark!!!! Original!!

  25. My vote goes for Numero 6 – I like the motion captured in the shot.
    Thanks for a good day Mark.

    • Thanks everyone for their votes and comments. Keep them coming and I look fwd to the count next week.

  26. Hi Mark

    Decided to get back to blogging,bit rusty with my photos,
    My choice goes to number 1

  27. There are some nice pics here but for me I think number 2 gets my vote because its fairly similar to the way I shoot I guess and just feel that it attracted me the most out of them all.
    Good luck to all.

  28. I Vote for number #3. Beautiful, peaceful & very creative

  29. #3 for me – Haven’t read the responses yet, either. A nicely balanced long exposure. Hmmm, EXIF shows not that long exposure but still well done! Nearly changed my vote when I saw it was from a Nikon though! πŸ˜‰

  30. Hey, awesome shots guys. Thanks for the voters for no2 keep em coming. haha. Im going for my shot no.2 bc I think I am behind. They are all different so great contest.

  31. going for #3 here it looks magic

  32. my vote is for number 3.. looks awesome πŸ™‚ number 1 was a very close second though

  33. #3 for me, followed very closely by #7. great images all round here!

  34. Number 3 for me. Exquiside colours in the water flowing over rock

  35. #3 for me caught the essence and spirit of the water together symbolically

  36. My vote is for #3, the colors are beautiful, and the photo captures the movement of the water flowing over the rock and hitting the sand in fine detail.

  37. #1 : The rope. Love it.

  38. Beautiful series of images, all have the most amazing lighting.
    My choice would be #3.
    Very creative Ailsa!

  39. No3…great shot πŸ™‚

  40. It’s between 1 & 7 for me as they’re both something I would happily put on my wall at home – in the end: I vote No 1 – it’s a fantastic shot, clean, simple, powerful, well composed, great use of depth of field and great processing. It takes a great photographer with a keen eye and open mind to find simplicity amongst the mayhem and chaos of a busy world and a crowded boat. I wish I’d spotted that!

  41. My vote goes to #7. Really like #1 too. But #7 it will be.

  42. number 1 hands down for me!

  43. No Three!!!!!

  44. Hi Mark,
    Put me down for number 1 please. Great lines, great shot!

  45. It’s either 2 or 4 for me. Flip the coin and …….2 has it. Did like the shore line in 4 though.

  46. number 1 for me

  47. #3 for me, I like the textures in the sand and the colours. But they are all great shots, well done to everyone who entered.

  48. My vote would be for Craig Chiswell’s image. The stories one could make up of the names carved into the rocks could fill volumes.

  49. I like Chizza’s….no 2 for me!!
    Don’t stop voting for the simple stuff though everyone!! πŸ˜‰

  50. They all stand on their own but No 1 grabbed me right off the bat and it still does – #1 for me.

  51. Hope I am allowed to vote for myself #7. I learnt a lot on the boat that day, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this photo 3 weeks ago. Then again, I think all the photos are great here.

  52. #7 is the best!

  53. My vote goes to number 7. I love the deep colours, and its peacefulness.

  54. #7… the lighthouse shot…. with #5 second

  55. No. 7

  56. Number 1 for Me Mark Original shot with nice detail and POV

  57. #7 for me. πŸ™‚

  58. I love the lighthouse with the moon- gota be No 1 for me

  59. Hi its No.7 for me. Goodluck.

  60. I vote for No 7 because it is not the usual Rottnest style photo. It is not just about sand and sea but reflects the more foreboding wild side of the island when the elements take over.

  61. Great shots by all. Will choose number 7 for unique composition and selective, creative use of colour, yet still distinctly Rotto!

  62. I vote for the lighthouse photo. I just wish I was there when the photo was taken!

  63. #3. Its very unique and calming. All are great. But threes the winner!

  64. Hey Markie,
    I started my own blog πŸ™‚ Check it out if you want at
    Let me know what you think
    Much planned for the weekend?

  65. Number seven in amazing; I’ve been to rottnest countelss times and never have been able to either witness or capture the lighthouse in that way.

  66. Lighthouse photo is where my vote lies πŸ™‚

  67. No 7 gets my vote! Unbelievable photo with such mood. Nice work!

  68. Wow, this is pretty cool. Nice photos guys! I’ll vote for #7… very nice!

  69. No.7 please

  70. ………. I smell a rat – or should I say a rott – in fact a whole nest of them ………….

  71. Leo, I’ve already voted for #7.
    Your “Stairway to the Moon, Rotto style” reeks of Rottnest Island, whilst giving a completely fresh perspective to Bathurst Lighthouse. This is a new treatment of possibly the most frequently illustrated icon of the Island. Great work. You win,, for me..

  72. Nice work Leo!

  73. Hey Mark,
    Number 7 for me. Love the soft green light and how all three components (lighthouse, stairs and moon) work together to make up an awesome pic! Also, it’s a well photographed subject but shown here in a completely ‘new light’, pardon the pun! (Sorry, bad joke!)

  74. #7 for me. Rottnest through and through

  75. #7 Rotto with a twist, #1 had it been a sailing comp

  76. #7 for me thanks.

  77. # 1 the rope.

    Thats a fab set of finalists. I like every pic in the finals, which is odd, for a competition πŸ™‚

    Thanks to everyone who organised this fabulous outing. The photographer speakers were informative, the boat was the most gorgeous boat I’ve ever seen, the hospitality was superb, the rissoles on a stick where of a design I’ve since, umm, “borrowed”, and the photowalk along the beach was an eye opener. I’m new to landscape photography and think my brain imploded that day – in a good way. Thanks you!

  78. #7 – love.

  79. Hi Mark,
    It was really nice to meet you today at the lake in Rottnest!
    I am looking forward to seeing photos.


    • Kum Ban Wa Shin!

      Nice to meet you as well out there at the Rottnest lakes….it was certainly beautiful at Sunset was it not!

      I will work your shots up sometime this week and email them to you.



  80. We vote for number three…

  81. My vote is for #3

  82. I vote No 3. Loved the colours and if you look closely you can see a hidden world to the right under the “waterfall”. Let your imagination run wild to scenes of mountain cliffs, green forests and Lord of the Rings! It has great potential… Bev

  83. I vote for no. 6 – well done!

  84. Not sure if my vote counts but if it’s valid it would be for No 7 with No1 a close second.

  85. Number 7 for me too.

  86. I consider photo number three to be the best of the bunch in the True North Photo Competition

  87. My favourite is number 7 πŸ™‚

  88. Wonderful photos, something special. My favourite is nuber three.

  89. I am not sure my vote has been submitted. So, once again. My favourite in photo nr. three (3)

  90. My vote goes to Image 6 πŸ™‚

  91. Definitely number 7. Shows originality and a great eye.

  92. Number 7 gets my vote! All awesome photos though… well done guys. Number 7 just says Rotto to me somehow….

  93. 1 or 7, toss of the coin and 1 came up.

    So number 1 for me.

  94. #2 please…thanks!

  95. number 2!! it is so amazing

  96. Number 7 is the best. It feels like the photo has a soul and I found it very haunting.

  97. my vote is for #7.

  98. #7 – the photo has great soul and I found it very haunting. (Not sure if my first reply went through….)

  99. Number #2 because I think it is fresh and edgy. Awesome work Craig.

  100. My vote goes to Number #2, i like the colors and texture of the log and the etched in graffiti…

  101. Such a difficult choice – they are all great! The one that stands out for me is #3 though. Love the colours, movement and simplicity. Top job!

  102. No. 1 for me, please! They pic would look awesome blown up on a wall in someone’s luxurious beach house! πŸ™‚

    • The competition has now been closed and number 7 is the winner. Please see thenew post on my blog for details.


      True North Mark

  103. my vote is for number 2 – has interesting composition, wonderful colours and overall a curious thought-provoking picture

  104. # 2 for me, they are all amazing beautiful work everyone, good luck

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