Cathedrals Action

Not often you would see a scene like this! 2 yachts sailing past with spinnakers in full bloom…. stand up paddle surfer heading on out to the take off area…another surfer doing his final bottom turn and a couple of other guys paddling out!!

~ by True North Mark on February 11, 2010.

16 Responses to “Cathedrals Action”

  1. Perfect timing!

  2. There’s a bit of everything happening there .

  3. Now this is a seriously cool photo. Great timing Mark.


  4. Like it! you get a wave in? ive got to get to rotto more!!
    You have any luck getting my snap into the rotto comp mate?

    • Gidday Matt,

      Thanks for the comment and yes I think we can get you in as the judging in not final yet.



  5. Mark, you are a machine! Too many posts to keep up with ha ha! When will you be in Tassie and for how long? I will be down that way in early March.


    • The planets could be aligning Tim!

      I have a meeting in Sydney on the 17th and will be going to Hobart a couple of days before that.

      How does that fit into your schedule?



  6. Hey Rotto Ranger, great Shot, action, colour, water what els can you ask for. For some reason when you mentioned you could see it all line up it reminded me of sight fishing with poppers with Polarised sunnies on and watching the fish smash the lures ! Off the rocks at rotto of course !

  7. Permission to come aboard ? for the trip 🙂

    • Hi Adrian,

      I have a full boat tomorrow I am afraid!

      Well done on getting your macro shot published mate!

      I might take your lead and send a few images in.



  8. Thanks Mark, its always good seeing your images in a magazine, brochure or calendar.
    Have a great, safe journey tomorrow, christ you must be able to do it blindfolded !

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