West End at Rottnest Island…One of only a few Calm Days a Year!!

Last weekend was one of those very special weekends where there was literally no swell, which is a bit of a shame in one way as I had 3 very keen surfers on board who were quite frustrated!!

But the conditions did allow us a very unique opportunity to land right at West End in the tender and explore areas that are normally getting pounded by huge waves. I did take some shots earlier this year during a winter storm when 8m waves were pounding through right here!

Next stop from here is Africa!!!


~ by True North Mark on February 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “West End at Rottnest Island…One of only a few Calm Days a Year!!”

  1. Yep , seen it ,,next please !!!

    • Jeeze you’re a hard task master Merv!

      I have posted about 8 photos since Sunday!

      I have one half worked up..stay tuned

  2. Haha Merv, to many pics in here since I last checked in. Nice shots here, wont coment on each as there are to many, will be here for ages. Where abouts you heading to in Africa?

    • Hi Dan thanks for the comment.

      I try to ensure there is always something new on my blog.

      Next stop Africa means that there is nothing between the West End of Rotto and Africa!



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