Geordie Bay Lookout-Rottnest Island

We were umming and arrring about going out for the sunset shoot but I think that the result of this image was definitely worth it.

The even light I think is the best way to capture a shot from the lookout at Jordie Bay. This is a 12 shot pano and took a fair bit of time to work up…but I kinda like it as it has Longreach, Fays Bay and Geordie all in it and the shot also shows the various families cooking the BBQ’s in the chalets.


~ by True North Mark on February 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Geordie Bay Lookout-Rottnest Island”

  1. Hi Mark, i hate to be the beaer of bad news but Jordie is spelt Geordie, great pic anyway

    • Hi Justin, indeed you are correct so thanks for the heads up….but I can ping you as well on the spelling of bearer!! You left out an ‘R’ mate!

      Anyway thanks for visiting and the comment!



  2. I am definately not the best speller and i cant blame a dodgy keyboard…i work on the island and anything posted on the net about Rottnest comes through to me so i have been following your pictures over summer. The A frame at Cathedral rocks is a fav but you definately have an eye for a great shot, i look forward too seeing more.

    • No worries Justin,

      Glad to see that some Rotto people are keeping an eye out.

      I am working towards pitting a book together which I hope will be done by the end of the year.



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