The Basin Magnificence at Rottnest

I am just loving the outcome of this shot eh! I got Bo out of bed at 0500 as the clouds were looking like they were going to do something pretty special this morning and well guess what..they did!

After this there was a band of cloud that basically stretched from Freo to the very Northwestern Horizon that was just amazing…only a fish eye could have captured it, so we just sat and gazed in awe at what the skies over Rotto did this morning…very special!

~ by True North Mark on February 7, 2010.

17 Responses to “The Basin Magnificence at Rottnest”

  1. You’ve got some good stuff there this weekend Mark, well done!! Reckon you’re going to be up all night playing with them!!

    • You bet Jamie…waytoomuchfun!

      I just love it when all the planets alight and things work out as they did this weekend!!!



  2. That’s a nice one.

    ( Didn’t look at the horizon , just presume it’s ok ) :}

    What have you done with Flemming ?

    • Bo’s staying with some friends in Scarborough over night and then choosing off down Siuth for a couple of weeks.



  3. i’m loving this shot Mark.
    just fantastic! 🙂

    • Thanks Stephen…yep me to…it’s a 3 shot stitch so the file size is pretty good and I reckon a large print will be epic as it’s sharp as a tack!



  4. That’s a beauty alright Mark. Can you send me a list of the locations around Rotto that you haven’t shot – I’ll be there for a week in March and I want to find something new 😉

  5. thats awesome to mark wouldnt mind this one too


  6. Stunning!!!

  7. Yep, not much else to add to the previous comments but thought that I’d just add my 5 cents to say congrats on another superb image.

  8. Mark, I reckon this one is one of your best – well done.

    • Gidday Simon,

      Thanks mate..I have a couple of others that I would rate better than this, but it is up there for sure…just a few more hits and I will have broken my daily barrier of 400…so hopefully this shot will do that eh!



      • 400 a day, well done – I can only dream. I’ve abandoned my blog, not enough traffic going there to make it worthwhile. So, will just concentrate on the FB page and the Zenfolio site.

      • Yep, that is a record Simon! Well done for spotting it! I had over 600 hits on the first day but since then the closest I have managed to get has been last night I cracked the big 400!!

        Very observant of you!

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