Jordie Bay Twilight

Last night we had a last minute lift in the somewhat dark cloud conditions that had surrounded us for the last few hours, so Bo and I, being prepared little boy scouts that we are, raced out and pinged off a few nice sunset shots around Fay’s Bay and Jordie. This one was about 15 minutes after sunset in the very tranquil and famous, Jordie Bay


~ by True North Mark on February 7, 2010.

13 Responses to “Jordie Bay Twilight”

  1. Love the colour again mate , like to see a couple more frames to the right though. I put my nose up to the screen to see if i could see what was around the corner out of shot. 🙂

    • There’s a reason why I didn’t go any further Merv….and you’re gunna like this one mate!

      Ever heard of the saying…I asked for a good reason, not an excellent one… Well this one qualifies!

      Last light, 5 second exposure, boats moving, what do you reckon the stitch would would work out like!!!!

      Not at all is the answer, that’s why I stretched it as far as I could with only the first to boats in frame.

      Good enought answer?



  2. I’m thinking ……..

  3. Not yet … i had an interruption .

    Seriously , I think sometimes movement can tell a story as in people movement, car movement etc. In this case the boat movement adds to the story that there was a slight breeze as there almost always is around water and the boats where rocking as they almost always do . So movement in this image is not a bad thing in my opinion.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

    • Nuh still got ya Merv!

      I agree that single movement is OK, but we are talking a stitch here.

      The next lot of boats would have moved as the ones in the shot already would have.

      End result is bits of boats all over the show!

      Remember the Quindalup shot with all the boats in it?

      That shot should have been 2 shots wider, but the stitch was all over the place and there was ni way to fix it.

      Same problem here but worse with a 5 second shutter speed!!!!!

      Do I win yet?



  4. Hmmmmmm …. I guess you had to be there.

    But your not getting away with the crooked horizon 🙂

    • OK settled…I accept the crooked horizon then…you just gonna love the one I am about to post mate and I made special attention to the horizon I can assure you!

      And yes jamie…Bo told me today that he has retired as the horizon Nazi, so it seems that he has metamophisized into Merv!

  5. Still a nice shot Mark….good to have Merv here though, keep us on our toes!!

  6. I am thinking you already have it Mervy!!

  7. Nice light Mark, I’m afraid I’m with Merv though, need those few extra frames to the right.

    Never say die, if the stitching software can’t sort out the moving boats then get in there and do it manually 😀

    Must have been a great weekend to be over on Rotto 🙂

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