Cottesloe Colours

The clouds burned off on me last night, but the colours in the water attracted me to this shot which has ended up quite clean and colourful.

Hope you like it!

~ by True North Mark on February 5, 2010.

16 Responses to “Cottesloe Colours”

  1. Very cool shot Mark. Donlt you hate it when the cloude burn off just before sunset??

  2. If I had to die on a beach it would be that one , i love Cottesloe beach.

  3. Love the reflections and the curve of the beach Mark 🙂

    However I have to vote for Bunker Bay as my faviurite beach, a good beach has to be remote and as free of people as possible 😎

  4. I’m glad they burned off, ‘cos otherwise Mark would have got a cracking shot and I would have been kicking myself for thinking about it earlier in the day and then forgetting. Old age, sheez…

  5. Very nice Mark. Great colours and looks pin sharp. What time of night was this taken?

    • Just after sunset Graham!

      Rotto turned it on for us today so stay runed next week!



  6. Great shot champ, a refreshing take on a very tired subject.

  7. Nice shot Mark I am sure I was there the same night just to the left I was there a tad bit to late to get the cloud colour but got a really nice one myself. Have a look at my blog The picture is pretty much the same but little bit of a different composition.
    Cheers Brett

    • Gidday Brett,

      Thanks for dropping by. I nearly went over to say hey as I was thinking that you were probably a photog, but got distracted when I saw Damian there off True North.

      I will have a look at your shot and leave a comment.



      • Hi Mark,
        I was going to do the same but was trying to get the right pic in the moment but never got the cloud anyway argh don’t you just love it haha.
        Hopefully see you around sometime anyway and thanks again for leaving some comments Mark.
        Cheers Brett

      • No worries Brett…glad to be of some help.



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