Positions available on True North

We are recruiting for next season on True North and the positions we are struggling to fill are Chef and MED 1.

If anyone feels that they have the qualifications, please contact me on mark@northstarcruises.com.au




~ by True North Mark on February 4, 2010.

16 Responses to “Positions available on True North”

  1. One position filled.

    I’m a gun on on toasted cheese sangers, πŸ™‚

  2. I put a sprig of parsley next to my cheese sangers….does that count?

  3. What about Marron sandwiches?

  4. I can surf and I fish like a seal….I do get sea sick but Im sure thats only a technicality (oh and I cant cook).

    Give me a call to book an interview mate.

  5. What’s a MED 1 do on a good day? Do they get to give out drugs? Mmmm.

  6. MArk, I know a mrine Engineer mate that I think would be perfect…. ill give him a buzz….
    what about a perm live aboard photog tyhat sells super panos to clients of thier very own trip…… I got ya thinking now Mark havent I ?

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