Last Light Waves

I went down to Cottesloe this evening as the clouds looked promising, but alas the bulk of the clouds burned off…but I did managed to scrape this one together that didn’t come out too bad!

I climbed up over the rocks and low and behold, one of the True North crew Damian was up there setting up for a photo shoot, so i stayed and chatted for a while. We worked out that he grew up just around the corner from us eh!!

Giddy Damian…say hey if you drop by for a look!

~ by True North Mark on February 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Last Light Waves”

  1. Surprising who you run into everynow and thn. Nice shot too mate.

  2. Very restful shot could also work in a square format because the movement and colors are in the foreground.

  3. Sorry I couldn’t go mate, I did see the sunset which didn’t quite live up to what it promised by those clouds. Still, you did alright here, nice serene seascape! See ya soon!

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